The Academy's name has been selected to express our interest towards wisdom that we aspire communities to attain . The wiseman Luqman is one of the righteous whom Allah bestowed and dedicated a Surat in the Holy Quran in his name to include the sermons and advice of Luqman to his son. Historians have reported that Luqman was born in Aswan, Egypt. He witnessed the era of the Prophet David and learned from him. Also, Allah gave him the wisdom. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that Luqman was a much meditating and has a good faith. He loved Allah and Allah loved him, thus Allah gifted him with wisdom.

Therefore, Luqman Academy provides the environment for both trainers and trainees to connect with each other creating added values in order to fulfill the passion of learning and development of humanity to reach wisdom.


Vision statement

Facilitation of science and knowledge to build competencies and capabilities for humanity to reach wisdom


Mission statement

We pursue to build the competencies and capabilities that mostly needed by individuals and communities in a rapidly evolving world. Thereof, we provide learners what they need in a simple form through a web based platform available all the time and everywhere.


Why Luqman academy

With the rapid development in technology, we are working at Luqman Academy to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge through:

- Providing modern and advanced sources for science and knowledge.

- Enabling active environment working around the clock and accessible everywhere.

- Acquiring numerous experiences through interaction between students and trainers.

- Course rating provides the ability to know the experience of former students before enrollment.

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