KPIs & Dashboards

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KPIs & Dashboards

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KPIs & Dashboards

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The course reveals both the framework and practices of dashboards. Although the defined metrics are for construction, the methodologies that have been illustrated in the course are general for all disciplines. The course indicates detailed examples for how to create different elements of the dashboard such as Gantt chart, dial gauge, progress circle, pivot table, progress curve, and conditional format. In addition, it indicates the development of the whole d



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No prerequisite courses are required.

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4 Lectures 00:19:02

Metrics and KPIs definitions, characteristics, and methodologies.

1 Metrics and KPIs
2 Common Sizing and Trend Analysis
3 Variance Vs Index
4 Develop your own KPIs
3 Lectures 00:18:58
KPIs & Metrics Dictionary

KPIs and metrics used in CM disciplines such as time, cost, risk, etc.

1 KPIs and Metrics Dictionary - Part1
2 KPIs and Metrics Dictionary - Part2
3 KPIs and Metrics Dictionary - Part3
3 Lectures 00:35:57
Gantt Chart

Depicting the high level project schedule using Gantt Chart (Bar Chart).

1 Gantt Chart - Part 1
2 Gantt Chart - Part 2
3 Gantt Chart - Part 3
2 Lectures 00:49:03
Dial Gauge & Progress Circle

Utilizing the excel chart to represent a key percentage or a key index.

1 Dial Gauge
2 Progress Circle Chart
3 Lectures 00:28:50
Pivot Tables & Slicers

Using Pivot tables and Slicers to show summaries and subtotals.

1 Pivot Table
2 Slicer and Timeline
3 Pivot Chart
2 Lectures 00:23:40
Progress Curve

Implementing S-curve showing planned value and earned value.

1 Progress Curve
2 Vertical Lines
2 Lectures 00:34:12
Conditional Format

Graphical demonstration for data to reflect the significant information.

1 Conditional Format - Part 1
2 Conditional Format - Part 2
3 Lectures 00:36:27
Dashboard Development

Utilizing the different tools for developing a complete dashboard.

1 Dashboard Characteristics
2 Development Sequence
3 Dashboard Development

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63 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star

Hesham Monir galhoom

Very impressive, Eng Mohammed always proves that he is the owner of excellence and creativity

Tarek Yahia AbdelGawad Fouda


Ahmed Aboelsouod

ماشاء الله لاقوة الا بالله دورة ممتازة وفعلا كنت محتاجها وبدور على حاجة زي كده من زمان وسبحان الله لقيتها في وشي لما حضرتك نزلتها في الجروب بارك الله فيك ياهندسة ونفع بك

Tarek Ali

Gaber ELSayed Mohamed Ghanem

Ahmed Mohamed Nasr Madany

Ahmed Elsayed Abdalla Mussalam


Housam Alabood

شرح واضح, مبسط واحترافي من قبل المحاضر

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